Bookkeeping Basics You Can’t Afford To Ignore

The fact that you are considered the main source of information for most people in your workplace means that they are putting their complete faith in your abilities. That is why it is very important that you reward them with the same input that involves honesty and commitment. The data you are given may be very confidential, specifically the ones involving financial transactions.

How do bookkeepers get clients?

22 Tips on How to Get Bookkeeping Clients 1. Get Certified on the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Site.
2. Let Bookkeeping Marketing Experts Create Your Website.
3. Incentivize Current Clients to Give You Referrals.
4. Find Clients from Online Job Postings.
5. Speak at a Business Gathering or Conference.
6. Get Listed on Industry-Specific Online Directories.
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What Is A Bookkeeper?

If certification is the one thing standing between you and a great opportunity, we suggest speaking with the hiring manager about pursuing certification after the acceptance of a job offer. If you have the skills and experience they’re looking for, your new employer might even cover the cost of your exam and application. However, if you already have several years of bookkeeping experience, certification probably won’t do much to benefit your career. While the costs associated with bookkeeping certification aren’t exorbitantly high, you might be wondering if they’re really worth it.


In many ways, becoming a Certified Bookkeeper is astepping stoneto becoming a Certified Public Bookkeeper. This certification does not include the same level of accreditation and recognition as its NACPB counterpart. But it can be a great first step for those starting their bookkeeping career. Luckily, obtaining this license is both easier and cheaper than obtaining the certificate. To become a licensed Certified Public Bookkeeper, you must submit an application with proof of your certification and two- or four-year bookkeeping degree.

Today, KPMG Spark launched a website that shows how CPA firms and accounting practices can gain a competitive advantage by using Spark’s online accounting platform. Use these tips to help manage your small business payroll and remember, KPMG Spark facilitates payroll and and offers invoicing services in addition to online accounting services. Stay on top of what you should know about attracting and retaining a millennial workforce, and KPMG Spark, a small business CPA firm, will help you stay on top of your online accounting and bookkeeping. This blog’s author is a millennial and the content therein represents the views of the author. As a cloud based accounting solution we see people often asking if bookkeeping is hard to learn, what does it involve, and how does it work.

  • Familiarity with accounting software, a thorough understanding of personal and business finance and a willingness to learn are all excellent skills to include.
  • Some bookkeepers might pursue an internship with a local company or accounting firm.
  • If you are lacking practical experience, you may be able to compensate by presenting yourself as a hard worker with significant potential for growth.
  • Many bookkeepers start out by teaching themselves to use accounting software like QuickBooks.
  • Internships introduce an aspiring bookkeeper to the field of business finance and allow them to observe other financial professionals as they work.

Add Your Resume And Let Your Next Job Find You

They enter financial transactions, track credits and debits, and manage numerical information to create financial reports. But, of course, even the best bookkeeping certification won’t replace years of experience and industry knowledge. If you’re an experienced bookkeeper with plenty of work under your belt, don’t stress.

Freelance bookkeepers can work from home or other locations as long as they have access to a laptop or other computer. Certification is not required to be a successful bookkeeper but it can increase your likelihood of securing high-end clients.

Starting your own bookkeeping business requires a set of skills beyond what you’d think. are there to not only help entrepreneurs organize their finances but also to navigate the real-world problems of their business.

Harold’s free bookkeeping course online is called Bookkeeping Trainingwhich contains 20 modules. Some parts of these modules can only be accessed online bookkeeping with a PRO account meaning you must register to become a member and pay a one time fee of US$49 or US$99 depending what you want to access.

Staying on top of your finances is a key part of being a successful small business owner. As such, it’s important that your financial data is current and accurate so that you have the tools you need to make sound business decisions and ensure healthy cash flow.

However, most businesses use computerized because of convenience, reliability and efficiency. This method of bookkeeping is still widely used especially by small businesses with less complex transactions. Many opt to manual bookkeeping because it is cheaper and easier to maintain.


You need to commit the time and energy required to start a successful bookkeeping business. The course will teach you all the steps to getting started and building a strong client base.

Our qualifications are developed in consultation with employers and will equip you with the key finance skills modern businesses are looking for. Watch our Facebook adjusting entries Live video to find out more about how to build a career with your bookkeeping qualification with Henry Cooper, AAT Past President, owner of BirchCooper Accounting.

However, the recording process is more tedious than computerized bookkeeping. Manual bookkeeping is the paper-based and traditional way of bookkeeping. adjusting entries Business transactions are recorded manually by hand using manual or paper book of accounts, such as journals books, ledger books and worksheets.

They also prepare reports and bank deposits, and may handle areas like payroll or purchasing. Bookkeepers manage financial information, including confidential financial reports. They must bring integrity and transparency to the job, ensuring that financial reports follow laws and regulations. Bookkeepers help clients identify potential fraud and prevent the misuse of funds, which also requires integrity.

However, this reflects wages for bookkeepers employed by companies rather than those running their own business. These groups offer continuing education courses, tips on how to run your business, publications that are pertinent to bookkeepers, and events that connect bookkeepers around the country. They are helpful groups to get involved in if you’re looking to connect. There are several professional groups that exist to bring bookkeepers together and set industry standards. Beyond this, it would be best for you to transition into a career in accounting.

What can I do with a Cert 4 in accounting?

The certificate prepares you to work in the accounting industry in roles such as a BAS Agent or contract bookkeeper.

The main responsibility is maintaining and updating financial records for a company. This usually includes balancing and updating bank accounts to ensure that all payments and deposits have been accurately reported.

Ben Robinson started this course in 2015 to teach not only the technical but also the business side of running a bookkeeping business. As a former CPA who has owned two accounting firms, he knows first-hand what makes a good bookkeeper. The main things you will need to start a virtual bookkeeping business are a good computer and a high-speed internet connection. In addition, you will need accounting software such as Quickbooks Online to run your client’s books.


However, the simplicity of single-entry bookkeeping system is prone to error and incompleteness because it lacks a detailed recording system compared to double-entry bookkeeping system. Although for tax purposes, it is an acceptable method of record keeping for small and simple businesses, however, it may not provide a fair valuation of the relevant financial information of a business.

Dave Marshall of Bean Counter offers free accounting and bookkeeping courses, tutorials, quizzes and games. bookkeeper Harold has worked as an accounting instructor in university, as an accountant and as a consultant.

Single-entry Bookkeeping System is commonly used for small businesses with very little or minimal transactions. It is often referred to as simple, practical and informal way of recording. Usually, it only maintains a record of cash disbursement, cash receipts, sales and purchases.