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My name is Elena Petrova. As the label of the website states, I am a Russian female. I grew up in Russia, and also devoted the sizable part of my lifestyle certainly there. I received married to a Westerner in 1998.

I possess an experts level in viewpoint (gotten a degree along withdifference), and also a postgraduate education in advertising and marketing. For a handful of years I worked in business, then as a copy writer for an ad division of a prominent plant employing over 4,500 people. My last opening prior to I left behind Russia was as a regional manager of a large advertising organization (among 22 local workplaces), where I had 150 individuals benefiting me and pretty a comfortable income. I had my very own apartment or condo and also an auto, so the reason I made a decision to try to find a partner abroad was not due to the fact that I was actually hopeless or lifestyle in destitution.

I resided in Ekaterinburg, one of the most significant cities in Russia, journeyed a whole lot, botharound the nations of the past Soviet Union (when I began to journey it was still a country; Soviet Union ended in 1991 and all past 15 Soviet States became private nations) as well as “far abroad”, just how Russians call the countries, whichwere certainly not a part of the USSR. In my viewpoint, we Russians are actually various from the other nations. Check out it in the Russians segment of the page “Regarding Russia”.

ThoughI’ve never had a trouble withreceiving males’s attention, I was actually unable to locate The Man Of My Aspirations in my birthplace. Why? I don’t know, deeper inside I right now presume it was actually simply certainly not meant to become, I was indicated to emigrate and come to be an author and also begin an outdating organization, and also if I met a partner in Russia I understand this will never ever take place!:-RRB- Well, it’s type of a prank yet as the mentioning goes ‘every laughpossesses a bit of laugh, the remainder is the reality’ … Yet realities are truths as well as the truths are that althoughI truly intended to get wed and possess a family members, I really did not receive wed in Russia.

This is actually why at the age of 29 I chose to widen my horizons and attempt to searchfor an individual abroad. Being actually solitary at 29 is more than only a little uncommon for a russian bride https://www.best-russian-women.com girl. It was not merely strange, it appeared suspicious, and also I seemed like a full fool every time I had to respond to the inquiry “Have you obtained married?” (it meant: “at last …”) whenever I fulfilled my college or even university classmates. Check out the Family life section, and you are going to possibly know why.

You understand, marrying an immigrant is just one of the trendiest topics in Russia. I think, any kind of solitary Russian girl will possess thought about it at the very least as soon as in her lifestyle. This idea related to my mind a number of opportunities considering that I was 26, and it took me just 3 years to begin making it come true. I won’t overburden you along withthe particulars, let’s only state that my hunt was pretty successful. I acquired more than 250 men’s letters coming from across the globe, a lot of coming from the USA. Frankly, I was surprised withthe amount and premium of men who addressed my add, they were educated, appealing, mature as well as actually intended to have a loved ones! WOW! This was sucha distinction withRussian males, it was actually unsubstantiated! It nearly appeared too good too be true! (This is actually most likely just how you experience reading throughaccounts of Russian females)

Long story small, I fulfilled my future husband somewhat promptly althoughit took our company year prior to we met in person and one more half a year just before our team obtained gotten married to. (Today it occurs mucha lot faster, Skype and cheap international contacting fees assist …) Pretty very soon I acquired pregnant along withour hand little one and in yet another couple of years our experts possessed our 2nd.

I still keep in contact withmy russian bride friends, and also my productive account has actually motivated many of all of them to try similarly. My relative wed an individual from the UNITED STATES, as well as my friends are actually interacting withAmericans, Australians and Europeans.

The tip of partnerships in between Western males and also overseas females was actually really intriguing to me, whichis actually why I chose to make this internet site. I would like to offer absolutely unprejudiced details concerning Russian girls, their aims, goals, and also interpretations, as well as mention their myths and superstitious notions.

A while ago I was spoken withthroughCosmo, and also the lady-reporter seemed to be to be visiting write a totally different tale from the get go of our job interview. The news for the future article was actually “SouthAfrica’s mail order new brides”. Seems a little bit vicious, doesn’t it? This was actually the very first time I had heard this term “mail order bride-to-bes”, as well as frankly, I was actually stunned!!! I possessed no concept this was the technique Russian ladies finding partners abroad were actually stood for in western side media.

Nevertheless, it looked like the lady-reporter changed her mindset. The cover web page to the real problem along withthe article mentioned “SouthAfrica’s Mail Order Romances”. A little muchbetter. And also the article completed withthe words “Accept” and “All the best” took care of to all our company Russian women. (Thanks, Shantal.)

This was my 1st confrontation withthe technique Russian-western marital relationships appeared in the media. I looked on the Internet seeking the info, and also was stunned even more. Withmany sources providing info regarding Russian girls, there was priceless little info that was not discriminatory, or actively wrong.

I discovered that there are actually two sorts of beliefs in Western side culture relating to Russian women, favorable and also negative, eachare muchfrom the truth. Even if there is actually a grain of truthin a few of them, they are actually often absolutely wrong regarding the main reasons for the sensations. This is why I determined to design my personal web site, and also offer the viewpoint of a Russian woman that came throughthe method herself. Being actually a qualified theorist, I tried to take care of inquiries thinking about all facets of my knowledge, previous russian bride as well as most current Western, as well as observe the whole picture rather than examining different parts of the challenge, as well as attempting to reason regarding the whole picture coming from this very piece. I wishit provides a better understanding of Russian girls and also Russia in general.

Please note that the primary components of this internet site, including pages “About Russia”, “Russian Females Secrets” as well as “Fallacies And Fact”, were composed long before I started my dating service, so feel free to don’t assume they are actually a normal marketing buzz. They convey the tips of a Russian girl on subject matters concerned, as well as not the ideas of a dating web site manager. I later on changed some realities that came to be old (thanks my visitors for directing me out) yet preserved the significance.

So initially this internet site was actually developed as an informational source however a number of my website visitors asked me if I might do this whichfor them, and that is actually exactly how the idea concerning providing folks a company came to my mind. Starting from motes like interpretations, russian bride s Cyber Resource started to deliver different solutions to people looking for global partnerships.

Since I would like to always keep russian bride s Cyber Resource as an informational source, the going out withagency procedures were joined under the name of Elena’s Versions.

Articles regarding me as well as my firm were released in many Russian publications consisting of Cosmopolitan, Computer, Computers as well as Web, Private Life, Krest’ yanka (well-known women’s journal) and also dozens of others. I was actually welcomed for TV job interviews in Russia and SouthAfrica. I was actually additionally sought job interviews throughmany papers and publications – USA, UK, Russia, Australia, Germany, Spain, SouthAfrica, Finland … I have authored a manual in Russian, named “101 ideas just how to find a husband abroad.” I have clients coming from throughout the planet. (Click on this link for the list of nations).

My websites russian bride s Cyber Quick guide as well as Elena’s Styles are encouraged by lots of resources online, including anti-scam web sites, and their referrals are actually the very best credit to my job.

I am actually incredibly pleased to become some of the ladies who handled to make their way right into the Net company. When I left Russia I did certainly not also recognize what the Net was! Right now I possess a worldwide dating organization along withworkplaces in 5 countries – a desire come to life!:-RRB-