Services. If you would like to have a third party represent you, make sure to hire a reputable and competent tax professional. Unlike other firms, we do not charge large upfront charges for tax relief, nor do we need you to complete a resolution with us. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) cautions that only certain tax professionals have the ability to represent you with the IRS. Rather, we explore first, in order to know just what your issue is and exactly what our tax professionals advocate. These include: If we cannot assist you in resolving your tax matters, we will issue a 100% money back guarantee. When selecting a third party to represent you, be watching for top upfront fees, undesirable refund policies, and default charging rates that kick in if you decide to cancel.

Whether you’re used, self employed, a builder, or engage in any other form of work for profit, you’re going to need to file a tax return at the end of every fiscal year. What’s more, the FTC recommends that you fulfill face-to-face with any tax professional you’re considering hiring. Now, taxes are somewhat complicated, so it’s not too surprising that a massive number of us make mistakes somewhere along the line. Ask them to describe your options and the company’s fee structure in detail before you pay anything or sign a agreement.

The IRS reports that frequent mistakes include filing your return late, missing information, supplying incorrect information, decreasing prey to math mistakes, missing tax breaks or some other common error. Preventing Tax Identity Theft If you want to get ahead of the game and be sure you don’t make any mistakes on your return, or if you’re made mistakes and wish to rectify the circumstance, we can help. In case you’ve ever dropped your wallet, then had your email stolen, or had private information compromised in a data breach, you may be at risk. Just discover the area you require help with from the list below and click on the plus button next to it to find out just what we can do to put wrongs to rights! (It’s better not to carry these documents around with you.) Don’t give out your private information, such as Social Security number, date of birth and so on, over the telephone or online unless you initiated the contact and you also understand you’re communicating with a respectable company. Free Tax Evaluation / Consultation.

Consider asking an Identity Protection PIN from the IRS, should you’re eligible. No matter your tax question or concern, we highly advise that you make the most of one of our free tax analyses or tax consultations. To learn more, see "Protecting Yourself From Tax Time Identity Theft. " And, if you believe that may be a victim of tax identity fraud, see "Things to Do When You’re a casualty of Tax Identity Theft. " Here, you will be able to consult with a friendly and expert member of the tax team.

How Can Unpaid Taxes Affect Your Credit? Our team has over 10 years’ worth of experience in all areas of State and IRS tax services such as the tax relief fund. In case you’re concerned about the tax bill you owe the national government hurting your credit ratings, don’t be. During the consultation, we will be able to comprehend and analyze your present situation and determine what of our tax resolution services will best allow you to get back in accordance with both State and IRS legislation. Tax exemptions are no longer contained in your credit reports.

When you cannot pay a tax debt, the IRS may place a tax levy or garnishment in your earnings or assets. This means they won’t have an influence upon your Score or VantageScore. This will permit them to lawfully seize what’s yours in order to repay your tax debt. You ought to know, however, that because tax exemptions are lost from the reports doesn’t mean they could ‘t cause you problems when applying for a loan or other kinds of financing. This can easily cause serious hardship, as you may rely on your entire wage to get by, or you might rely on your resources for shelter, transport, or other necessities.

Some lenders can assess public records reports, and also your unpaid tax liens could appear there. When you receive your levy and cannot pay the entire amount before the date that the IRS is due to seize your resources, get in touch with us when you can. In addition, should your tax obligations affect the remainder of your financial image and cause you to get behind on other bills, your credit ratings could be affected.

We can help to set up an installment agreement or an offer in compromise.