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As several here have commented, Themeforest is an interesting “de looks” place [take off of “delux”] to start out looking for themes if you’re newbie. Right now I’m using a veeeery popular envato photography theme. Turns out its unusable if you are in fact a “real” photographer. They implemented a 6 year old free media gallery plugin which breaks the picture upload if you want to say do 300 pictures or more.

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Thought I would do the same thing with the other theme I bought. The same damned thing and by the same team – I mean the team doing the WP conversions. Seems like these guys have been picking up HTML templates and “converting” thing into WP themes. Nothing wrong with that – had they done a “professional” job. As per what seems to be the “usual”, I had no joy with the theme’s developers.

I am very new to blogging and so I wanted to nice theme that suited my needs. All I really wanted to do was change my banner, footer, and background. They had suggestions and stuff, but my changes didn’t seem to stick for one reason or another. I’m building up a blog, news and portfolio site, but cant seem to decide on a theme to use. I do have programming experience, I just want something I don’t have to work too hard on just to make posts and customize each individual page and such.

Envato are so damn shady it seems they are just leeches that squeeze every penny out of every product without the slightest thought towards its users. The opinion is very correct, especially when it explains my own headaches from themes bought on ThemeForest. I bought some themes and I even paid for them to install it and it won’t work. My lesson learned, use a repeatable developer that has a an active forum and will provide tech support for not only the theme but the whatever platform the theme has been built on. Another reason I don’t like the themes on there is similar those mentioned here.

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Genesis and Headway are good since having a flexible interface. for me the most annoying thing – is that when support has expired you can’t even ask the developers a simple question anymore. Most developers maintain their own support forums but they are all switching to ones where you login with your envato account. What was doubly annoying is I bought my theme before they changed the rules about support periods and they retrospectively applied them to previous purchases which under UK law in most cases would be Useful Reference. Installation process: Download Yahoo Messenger from here and double click on it. Press the “Yes” button and at last press the “Finish”. That’s all illegal. When i bought my theme it was under the assumption that i would at least be able to ask developers simple questions and get basic support for the lifetime of the product.

With these 2 theme I had much the same issues others have experienced here – to mention a few, the documentation supplied was for some other theme or project. My last run-in with Themeforest was when I found 2 themes I liked. Unlike most of the stories here, this one has an interesting turn.

But Envato team ignoring a point that Themeforest become popular because of developers like me who but themes and setup for others with a reasonable price. Who cares about php code when they are there to buy themes for some specific purpose? I use TemplateToaster, a flexible theme builder compatible with all the major CMSs and it works great. I agree with the people and of course with Ren that flexibility, clean code and support are the key ingredients to be present in the theme providers.

As part of the process and, for some reason, I did a Google search on the name of one of the themes I purchased. 2 names came up – one an HTML version and the other – the one I bought – being punted for WordPress ready theme.